With this release Sources created from strings or byte[]s can be used more than once. In XMLUnit for Java it is now also possible to configure the DocumentBuilderFactory used when a DOM document is created from a non-DOM Source by the DOMDifferenceEngine.

The full list of changes for XMLUnit for Java:

The full list of changes for XMLUnit.NET:

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This release fixes a single bug in the CompareMatcher and ValidationMatcher for Java and the CompareConstraint and ValidationConstraint for NUnit2 for .NET.

If you are not using the Hamcrest matchers or NUnit2 constraints, there is no need to upgrade from 2.1.0.

The full list of changes for XMLUnit for Java:

The full list of changes for XMLUnit.NET:

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The headline feature of this new release are new Hamcrest Matchers / NUnit Constraints for XPath assertions.

In addition a few `DifferenceEvaluator` implementations have been added that may help when transitioning from XMLUnit for Java 1.x and a few bugs have been fixed, smaller improvements been made.

The full list of changes:

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After three alpha releases this is the final release of XMLUnit 2.0.0.

XMLUnit 2.x provides APIs that allow you to

and provides simplified APIs for evaluating XPath expressions and XSLT transformations.

In addition there are Hamcrest matchers and NUnit constraints that help using XMLUnit as part of unit tests for code that produces XML.

XMLUnit 2.x builds on the ideas of XMLUnit for Java 1.x but provides a completely new API. XMLUnit for Java comes with a legacy module that provides a compatibility layer to ease the migration. A migration guide is available as part of the user guide.

XMLUnit.NET and XMLUnit for Java provide the same set of features with similar APIs that differ only to account for idioms of the respective platform.

XMLUnit 2.0.0 is available as source and binary release from GitHub: XMLUnit for Java and XMLUnit.NET.

XMLUnit for Java is also available via Maven Central, XMLUnit.NET is available via nuget.

Please report bugs via GitHub issues and feature request via the xmlunit-general mailing list hosted at Sourceforge or as GitHub issues. See the contributing guide for more details.

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This new pre-release introduces two backwards incompatible changes over 2.0.0-alpha-03:

Additional changes:

This is still an alpha release as the API may well change based on your feedback. Please provide feedback about the API in case it needs to get adapted before the final release on the xmlunit-general list or via GitHub issues.

XMLUnit 2.0.0-alpha-04 is available as GitHub release via https://github.com/xmlunit/xmlunit/releases/tag/v2.0.0-alpha-04/ and https://github.com/xmlunit/xmlunit.net/releases/tag/v2.0.0-alpha-04/ respectively.

XMLUnit for Java is also available via Maven Central.


with additional artifacts xmlunit-matchers and xmlunit-legacy.

XMLUnit.NET is also available as nuget packages XMLUnit.Core, XMLUnit.NUnit2.Constraints and XMLUnit.NUnit3.Constraints.

For more information please visit http://www.xmlunit.org.

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