I haven't been able to attend the first ruhrJUG meeting for personal reasons, but it looks as if it had been off to a good start. Maybe too good since the room was too crowded - making the organizers ask people to register upfront if they plan to attend in the future.

The next three talks are already scheduled with Eberhard Wolf talking about Spring 3 (I've seen his talk at the rheinjug so I'll probably skip this one), Marc Guillemot talking about Canoo WebTest (this isn't that Java specific) and Stefan Tilkov talking about JAX-RS.

In addition the ruhrJUG is starting what they call "Open Monday" - some loose gathering of people interested in Java and/or Open Source with the first event taking place next Monday. Apparently there'll be a CAcert-Party (whatever that is). I wonder if there would be enough interest in a PGP singing party - if so I'd be willing to organize things.

The rheinjug has scheduled a talk by Nils Wloka about using Spring (and AspectJ) to build rich domain models this month.

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Apache Tomcat committer Peter Roßbach and rheinjug co-organizer Heiko Sippel have founded a new Java User Group in Essen (that's in Germany 8-): ruhrjug. Since I happen to work in Essen and the Unperfekthaus is in close walking distance to our office this gives me a second sort of "home JUG".

Peter will be the speaker at the first ruhrjug event, talking about "Erstellung hoch-performanter Websites" on January, 22nd starting at 18:30 h.

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