CNN: McSupersizes to be phased out (via Rich Bowen).


Since first grade, we have been taught to eat a balanced diet. Folks, "balanced" does not mean one cheeseburger in each hand.
really made my day, thanks!

The whole story reminds me of the Stella Liebeck Awards - funny, even though I'm not sure they are authentic.

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Great essay, most of it is still true - 124 years later (via Stefan Tilkov).

After reading it you'll know why my sentences are overly long and full of parentheses.

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It has become a tradition for OpenBSD to create a song for each new release and include it as sound track on their CDs. Lyrics and MP3s are available online as well.

The song for 3.4, released about two weeks, ago covers OpenBSD's problems with DARPA from last year. And it features Theo de Raadt (founder of OpenBSD) as a background singer for the first time AFAIK.

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