Dirk Nowitzki had a career high 53 points last night while battling Tracy McGrady who had 48. Sounds like a fun game to watch, now I only need to find somebody who recorded it. One of these days where I really hate the limited NBA coverage on German TV.

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explained by Mark Cuban.

A few days ago Matthew didn't see the point of a CEO blog. Well, I think Cuban's blog does make a point. I pretty much doubt that he'd find any place in the media to air his rants against sports journalists as colorful as in his blog. But then again, Mark Cuban probably isn't your typical CEO.

The Mavs are now suddenly in the market for a point guard, I don't see too many options here. Haven't there been rumors that the Nets wanted to trade away Jason Kidd?

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The new NBA season has started last night.

I must admit that I really like Dirk Nowitzki's playing style, not because he's German, but probably because I am German and Dirk certainly gets more TV coverage than any other player here.

TV coverage in Germany has become worse over the past few years. While I was able to watch a couple of games live in free TV even through regular season just a few years ago, now even the finals are only covered on Pay-TV here - or with a few days delay. But still I'm looking forward to this season.

Last night's results indicate that the new Mavericks will need a little more time to learn how to play together while the veterans playing for the new Lakers simply know how to do so.

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