Received a recruiter message last week that stood out from the others:

I'm getting in contact on behalf of X, the creators of Apache Y


Even if I was looking for a new job I'd stop reading at that point. The creators of Apache Y are the project's contributors, not X. X may be the inventor but in my conrete combination of X and Y that wouldn't be true, either. X may employ some of the contributors, but it does not create Apache Y.

If you allow recruiters to use such a phrase you first demonstrate you don't understand how the ASF works and second are obviously willing to lie. Why would I want to work for an employer who lies to me?

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Welcome to your new home.

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Since about a week, all HTTP requests to return an empty text/plain response, no feed. This is not the first time it has failed, not the first time without any public notice.

When I tried to find others experiencing the same problem I came along is it down right now which not only confirmed what I saw but also contained a workaround to resurrect your feed list as OPML. It was one of the latest comments further down that page and I've forgotten who had written it - strangely it is no longer there.

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Last week the company I work for has published a podcast in which a colleague and I talk about the ASF, what it is, how it works and what I do there. German language only.

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When my Mum called us this morning to tell us that my brother's first daughter was born my kids celebrated "finally I'm a cousin".

Welcome Carina - being born on 11/11 will not always be easy in the rhine area - and congratulations Claudia and Maik.

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