Shortly after the release of Apache Log4j 2.0 Phillip Ghadir and I show some of the new featutes and talk about the improved performance.

The second part of the article shows different ways for consolidating logs for a system of systems.

Published in issue 01/2015 of JavaSPEKTRUM.

This is a short introduction to XMLUnit, written between 1.1beta1 and 1.1beta2 but its content fully applies to the final release of XMLUnit 1.1.

In this article I talk about validating (both against a DTD and an XSD) and comparing XML as well as XPath tests and programmatic validations. I very briefly touch on some advanced issues like using Apache's XML catalog resolver library to provide DTD locations or fine tuning the difference engine.

Expands on the former article and describes Ant's usage of XML Namespaces, Antlibs and polymorphic data types.

Here I describe what I consider the most important changes in Ant 1.6.0 - <macrodef>, <import> and <subant>.

This was number 4 in the category "Open Source Developer Technical Articles" and number 5 in "Java Developer Technical Articles" in Oracle Technology Network for 2004.

Describes parts of the results of my diploma thesis for "Journal of Material Science Letters". There are supposed to be nine references for this but I have no idea by whom or why.