Last night Jörg Plewe talked about his open source project Flying Guns at the Düsseldorf Java User Group.

Flying Guns is a multi-player flight simulator on top of a platform for distributed realtime simulations. Flying Guns is really more of a testbed for the underlying system, but a fun one.

Jörg explained how choosing a WW-I scenario has simplified game development (the planes are slow, so you don't need a world that big) and went on to give some details on the underlying technology.

One of the modules of the platform is JXInput which provides - among other things - joystick access to Java, well, at least on Windows. This module is part of software used on board the ISS. Quite an accomplishment.

Jörg is looking for people to join the project. If realtime simulations, 3D graphics, flight simulators or anything similar tickles your fancy just head over to the CVS repository and see whether there is anything you'd like to contribute to.

The next D-JUG talk will be on June 14th. Stefan Tilkov is going to talk about "WebServices mit REST".

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