Last week somebody called me on the phone to discuss some ASF topics and wanted to send me an email with details. Unfortunately he forgot to tell me how I could contact him and I never received that mail. It's quite possible that the mail vanished in my spam folder and I just didn't see it.

Maybe you are reading my blog?

The easiest way for a mail to end up in one of my spam folders (unless you are white-listed) is an attached MS Office document, ZIP archive, .EXE, .SCR or similar stuff with a > 99% probability of containing a virus (about 400 per day ATM, has been far worse once). If it gets past this, my statistical spam filter gets a look at the mail and is very likely to flag it as spam if it contains HTML. I'll look through my spam folders at least once per day, but if the mail has a meaningless subject (like "information"), I won't even notice it.

So if you are waiting for a response from me, please retry with a plain text mail and a subject that will stick out of the spam. You shouldn't include the words "Rolex" or "soft tabs" in the mail body either.

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at least not that I knew of it.

A puzzled email told me that a Microsoft page lists me as an MSBuild blogger. I don't think I deserve that label.

Sure, I'm quite interested in MSBuild since I'm interested in build tools in general. And MSBuild looks both interesting and, errm, familiar to somebody who's been working on Ant for a few years now. But I haven't ever used MSBuild myself. I don't know whether it even runs on Mono, but I'd certainly be willing to give it a try.

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For a long time Ant relied on Gump for nightly builds, but that stopped working when Sam's little Gump machine died more than a year ago. I've finally managed to set up nightly builds for Ant on the Gump workhorse named brutus, so we are back to business as usual.

Unlike our prior nightly builds, this one does not get built by Gump but uses installed dependencies only. Currently Ant gets compiled against

May  9  2004 antlr-2.7.4
Apr 25  2003 bcel-5.1
Nov 12  2002 bsf-2.3.0
Jun 15 13:33 commons-logging-1.0.4
Jun 25 19:39 commons-net-1.2.2
Jul  9 03:59 jaf-1.0.1
Feb 19  2003 jakarta-log4j-1.2.8
Dec 28  2003 jakarta-oro-2.0.8
Sep  2  2003 jakarta-regexp-1.3
Jan 25  2004 jakarta-tomcat-4.1.30-LE-jdk14
Jul  9 04:00 javamail-1.3
Jul  9 04:00 jdepend-2.6
Jul  9 04:01 jsch-0.1.14
Jul  9 04:01 junit3.8.1
Oct  6  2003 xml-commons-resolver-1.1.b1

If your favorite optional task doesn't get built and I can get hold of the required library without too much effort (i.e. I don't have to pay for it or worse provide my grandma's maiden name and the income of my son's budgie), I'm open to adjustments.

Nightly builds should start via cron at 0:30 local time on brutus (which is PST and looks like GMT-8 to me).

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