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Since about a week, all HTTP requests to dashboard.bloglines.com return an empty text/plain response, no feed. This is not the first time it has failed, not the first time without any public notice.

When I tried to find others experiencing the same problem I came along is it down right now which not only confirmed what I saw but also contained a workaround to resurrect your feed list as OPML. It was one of the latest comments further down that page and I've forgotten who had written it - strangely it is no longer there.

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Last week the company I work for has published a podcast in which a colleague and I talk about the ASF, what it is, how it works and what I do there. German language only.

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When my Mum called us this morning to tell us that my brother's first daughter was born my kids celebrated "finally I'm a cousin".

Welcome Carina - being born on 11/11 will not always be easy in the rhine area - and congratulations Claudia and Maik.

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Like so many people I spent part of the last weekend upgrading my laptop from Hardy to Intrepid. I'm not sure whether the upgrade really downloaded too much like Steve has seen since I was fortunate enough to have a fast line (thanks, Mum). I'll probably know once I upgrade the desktop which is on my 1 MBit/s home connection.

Faced some issues, in particular alsa-utils hangs during shutdown. I got around it by manually removing alsa-utils from the shutdown scripts, but will try the "shutdown network before alsa-utils" fix suggested later. Right now I don't have any sound at all, while it used to work before I rebooted Intrepid and had alsa-utils hang for the first time.

My "user base" isn't too happy with the upgrade of KDE games from 3.x to 4.x because ksnake has gone and some of the user interface improvements in kpat and lskat are considered big steps backwards.

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