In his blog entry about OSCON, Rob Mensching talks about his WiX presentation:

I finished up my presentation by noting that the entire demo had been done with the WiX toolset running on Mono. The look of amusement on everyone's face in the room was priceless. I'll provide more instructions how to build the WiX toolset to run on Mono in a future blog entry.

I'm really looking forward to this since this will help me to work on the WiX task for Ant that I've started to experiment with.

On a related note, I managed to make Ant's <ilasm> and <wsdl> tasks work on Mono (both using my Linux desktop and my iBook running MacOS X) - at least all unit tests we have pass.

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Tagesschau is the most successful news show in German television. Its market share is big enough that any attempts of competing TV channels to broadcast movies during the time of the main evening show have failed - non-news TV starts at a quarter past eight because of the Tagesschau in Germany.

The online version of it now has three of their American reporters start a blog about the US elections, starting coverage with the DNC. This is the first German mainstream news portal using the form of a blog that I was aware of. Still they need to find out about RSS/Atom feeds.

I wonder what they'll do with the URL once the election is over.

Update: I should have looked closer, at least the main site has a feed:

Update 2: Seems as if Matthew's email worked,

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People who know me know that I hate GUI programming. And if I'm forced to do so I'll avoid doing more than necessary. But Ken Arnold's Napkin Look & Feel (discovered via Cafe au Lait) could make me implement pluggable LAFs in my next Swing apps just to be able to use it in presentations.

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OTN has published a second article of mine on Ant 1.6.

In this article I talk about how Ant 1.6 treats XML namespaces - including some of the darker details - how Ant libraries make deployment of custom tasks a lot easier and how you can use the new type polymorphism rules to write your own conditions or allow plugins for your own tasks.

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Congratulations to Dion, Brett, Vincent and the rest of the people working so hard on the Maven 1.x branch. Maven 1.0 has been released.

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explained by Mark Cuban.

A few days ago Matthew didn't see the point of a CEO blog. Well, I think Cuban's blog does make a point. I pretty much doubt that he'd find any place in the media to air his rants against sports journalists as colorful as in his blog. But then again, Mark Cuban probably isn't your typical CEO.

The Mavs are now suddenly in the market for a point guard, I don't see too many options here. Haven't there been rumors that the Nets wanted to trade away Jason Kidd?

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Today we've released the first and hopefully only beta of Ant 1.6.2.

This release is not only a bug fix release, but also adds some features that a couple of people I know have been waiting for. To name a few:

and really a lot more. See release notes

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