I've just committed some bigger changes by Stephane in order to make Ant's <junitreport> task work with Apache XSLTC and thus with JDK 1.5. The fix also involves breaking compatibility with Xalan-J 1.x which is unfortunate, but there was no way around it - at least there will be a work-around for people who still want to stick to it.

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Oracle Technology Network has published an article of mine titled "New Ant 1.6 Features for Big Projects". In this article I try to cover <macrodef>, <:import> and <subant> as key building blocks for big build systems - in my opinion the three biggest improvements for complicated systems.


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Seit dem letzten Donnerstag versendet jemand ausländerfeindlichen Spam in großen Mengen. Die Absender sind gefälscht!

Offensichtlich werden auch meine Adressen als Absender mißbraucht. Im Normalfall würde ich es schlicht ignorieren, aber der Inhalt der Mails ist teilweise derart ekelhaft, daß ich deutlich klarstellen muß, daß ich nichts damit zu tun habe.

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I'll be flying in to Prague tomorrow evening just to pick up a car to drive out to Mladá Boleslav for a meeting on Friday and return home on Friday evening. Unfortunately I won't see anything of Prague and probably not too much of Mladá Boleslav either.

Thanks to my co-worker Achim I've at least found how to say Děkuji for the coffee I'll desperately need Friday morning - I hope I'll be able to order it in German or English. None of the translation engines listed at Babelfish seem to translate to Czech.

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Some while ago Berin reported that Ant's <junitreport> task wouldn't work with JDK 1.5's Xalan.

With the release of the second JDK 1.5 beta I thought I'd look into it again. The thing I came up with is that JDK 1.5 doesn't ship with Xalan at all. This may be old news to some, but it was completely new to me.

There are other changes in the XML area that people want to be aware of.

The main problem here is that some of the stylesheets used by Ant's <junitreport> task use Xalan's redirect extensions and thus really require Xalan and won't work with XSLTC. If any XSLT guru - well, it probably doesn't even take a guru, just somebody with more knowledge than me - out there feels like providing XSLTC-ready stylesheets, they'd be greatly appreciated. The original XSLT files are here and here.

Update: Anthony W. Juckel points me to XSLTC's redirect extension which suggests that using a different namespace URI should make the stylesheets work for both Xalan 2 and XSLTC. I'll give it a try.

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