One and a half year after Ant 1.5, we've finally released Ant 1.6.0. It's been a long time and many of Ant's internals have changed. The most notable changes IMHO:

A more complete list can be found in the Release Notes.

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Three weeks of vacation in front of me and I bet I'll sleep a big part of it.

It is almost a tradition for my Christmas time vacations that I try to keep away from any keyboards, so this blog will probably be quite silent in the closer future.

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I'll start vacation next Wednesday - which means a lot of stuff has to be finished by Tuesday. The usual end-of-the-year "finish the work of a month in a week" scenario we all know and love.

Spent two hours Tuesday night with Florian in the hospital (luckily nothing serious) and an hour last night with Sarah at the children's doc. She's caught a real influenza, which probably means that I'll be out with fever in a couple of days as well.

On top of that one of our budgies died Wednesday. He's been older than Florian, so for our kids he's always been there. Sad and ill children, a really great combination.

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So finally we seem to be back on track for the 1.6 release. The third beta has been released a few hours ago. It contains a couple of major changes over beta2 but should be consistent with the final release.

Things that have changed over 1.6beta2 (apart from bug fixes):

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It happened twice to me during the past two weeks that I've been working on my iBook in a semi-public place and suddenly realized that I was connected to a wireless network - and had access to the internet. Both times pinging the broadcast address revealed that only the router and my laptop were part of the network.

So twice I've found a WLAN router that offered DHCP services and internet access without a password or even encryption - and Apple's WLAN implementation simply takes advantage of this by default. I'm pretty sure that those networks have not been supposed to offer the service to me.

Germany's DSL providers are currently selling WLAN routers packaged with a new DSL line at reasonably low prices. I assume their default configuration is to accept everything - for ease of installation. I wonder whether they tell their new customers to change the configuration (and the customers simply don't care) or if the non-tech-savvy customers don't even know they offer public services.

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I've just downloaded the sources for Mono 0.29 and compiled them. As expected, things went fairly well on my Linux box.

One of the great news is that the JIT for PPC is supposed to work now, so I decided to try to compile it on my iBook. After installing fink, and then installing glib2 and pkgconfig via apt-get (dselect still doesn't like me) ./configure went through - but then compilation failed.

Luckily the problem was easy to fix (you have to remove the typedef for socklen_t in mono/io-layer/socket.h) and after that things go on.

The <csc> task tests for Ant pass, but it is still not possible to build NAnt with it (bus error) - so PPC may work, but probably only for Linux.

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My parents went to "Finding Nemo" with Florian last weekend. All three of them have enjoyed it a lot - so if you have a six year old in the house, give it a try.

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