Since about a week, all HTTP requests to return an empty text/plain response, no feed. This is not the first time it has failed, not the first time without any public notice.

When I tried to find others experiencing the same problem I came along is it down right now which not only confirmed what I saw but also contained a workaround to resurrect your feed list as OPML. It was one of the latest comments further down that page and I've forgotten who had written it - strangely it is no longer there.

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My blog has moved from to, please update your links.

I've gone with blosxom and a rather conservative choice of plugins, I may switch to static rendering (at least partial) later. So far I haven't enabled search yet since I really want to use Lucene but didn't manage to set up the plugin within five minutes.

Migration of old articles is mostly manual, as I feared it was. I've moved all articles of this year and will go backwards gradually. The old articles will probably pop up in the feeds again, please bear with me.

Speaking of feeds, the new blog has both Atom and RSS feeds, and in the typical blosxom manner, feeds on each and every level. Since I may start blogging in German more than I did before, you most probably want to subscribe to my English-language-only feed (either or

Right now trackbacks are (supposed to be) enabled, comments are not.

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At least since yesterday Bloglines claims my feed was invalid. Feedvalidator says "This is a valid RSS feed".

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Antville, the software behind, doesn't support trackbacks yet. As it is open-source, I'm sure it is going to be added sooner or later.

In the meantime, I wanted to be able to send trackbacks from posts I write and a found a solution based on Sam Ruby's autoping script.

I store all my blog entries in files that seem to be roughly similar to blosxom's style (i.e. title in the first line, body follows after that) on my machine in addition to posting it to, so adapting Sam's script was straight forward. For anybody who wants to try the same, these are the steps I had to take:

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I'm not sure what has given me the final push to try blogging myself, maybe it has been Ara's article about how and why XDoclet's community management has been a failure or the release of Ant 1.6's first beta or ...

I'm not even sure whether this is going to last or whether I'll stop it sooner or later.

Anyway, I'm here and we'll see where this is going to lead up to.

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