This is a general call-to-arms for everyone who uses log4net as their logging solution. If log4net is the logging framework that you are using and would like to keep using in the future it is time now to get involved. The project needs a larger developing community to move on! We really need more people who want to shape the future of log4net at the Apache Software Foundation.

In all the time since log4net has been started by Nicko Cadell more than ten years ago, there have never been more than two or three people regularly contributing to it. As is normal in open source projects people have come and gone when their interests or just the amount of time they could invest have changed.

At the moment Dominik Psenner and Stefan Bodewig are the only people semi-actively working on log4net and neither of them is able to devote as much time to the project as they'd like to and as would be required.

Realistically log4net is maintenance mode where development of new features is not going to happen.

This has repeatedly made log4net lag behind recent developments in the .NET world. It took a long time to get a version out that properly worked with .NET 4.0 in 2011 and adaptions to .NET 4.5 also took much longer than many users would have wished. We are seeing it again with .NET Core right now. In addition there are many unresolved issues in log4net's JIRA.

Despite this there are more than 2500 downloads of the logging framework every day from nuget. We are asking you, the log4net community, to get your hands dirty.

Right now we are in the process of creating a log4net release that works for .NET Core. It is a very targeted effort and it is very unlikely Dominik and Stefan will be able to contribute more in the future than we did during the past months.

If you are willing to help, please join log4net's dev mailing list and raise your hand. Look through log4net's issue tracker and pick things you'd like to work on. If you don't know where to start, please ask, Dominik and Stefan will be there to help.

If there is anything holding you back from contributing, let's discuss it and get it out of the way. Nothing is carved into stone, neither what the future of log4net holds nor how we make it happen.


log4net's JIRA
dev mailing list
How the ASF works,

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This version fixes a bug in DiffBuilder that applies to the withDocumentBuilderFactory method introduced with the 2.2.0 release:

There is no parallel release of XMLUnit.NET as the bug doesn't apply to it.

XMLUnit for Java 2.2.1 is available as GitHub release via and Maven Central.

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With this release Sources created from strings or byte[]s can be used more than once. In XMLUnit for Java it is now also possible to configure the DocumentBuilderFactory used when a DOM document is created from a non-DOM Source by the DOMDifferenceEngine.

The full list of changes for XMLUnit for Java:

The full list of changes for XMLUnit.NET:

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This release fixes a single bug in the CompareMatcher and ValidationMatcher for Java and the CompareConstraint and ValidationConstraint for NUnit2 for .NET.

If you are not using the Hamcrest matchers or NUnit2 constraints, there is no need to upgrade from 2.1.0.

The full list of changes for XMLUnit for Java:

The full list of changes for XMLUnit.NET:

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The headline feature of this new release are new Hamcrest Matchers / NUnit Constraints for XPath assertions.

In addition a few `DifferenceEvaluator` implementations have been added that may help when transitioning from XMLUnit for Java 1.x and a few bugs have been fixed, smaller improvements been made.

The full list of changes:

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