We are actively working on a re-designed XMLUnit which will be
available for both Java and .NET with a similar API.  Development of
this version has moved to a GitHub organization [1] with two git
repositories for Java and .NET respectively.

All discussion about XMLUnit independent of any version will happen on
the XMLUnit general mailing list [2].

XMLUnit for Java 1.x will still be maintained using the Sourceforge
infrastructure that has served as well for many years.

We don't intend to maintain XMLUnit for .NET 0.x any longer.

[1] https://github.com/xmlunit
[2] https://sourceforge.net/p/xmlunit/mailman/xmlunit-general/

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Since about a week, all HTTP requests to dashboard.bloglines.com return an empty text/plain response, no feed. This is not the first time it has failed, not the first time without any public notice.

When I tried to find others experiencing the same problem I came along is it down right now which not only confirmed what I saw but also contained a workaround to resurrect your feed list as OPML. It was one of the latest comments further down that page and I've forgotten who had written it - strangely it is no longer there.

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