I was planning to commute to work by train because of the Essen Motor Show today anyway, but since it started snowing last night and we even had some serious storms (at least for Germany) it turned out to be the right idea.

Traffic lights were off in Mönchengladbach, the bus took far longer than it was supposed to and I don't really want to imagine sitting in my car during that time.

Going by train I had the opportunity to fix a bug in Ant and write a new loadresource task (like loadfile but works on resource collections). Not bad at all.

The downside is I'll reach work about an hour later than usual and I have no idea how long it is going to take me to go back.

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Als ich gestern Abend auf der Autobahn war, kam irgendwo zwischen Ratingen und Düsseldorf die neue Version von "Frau ich freu mich" im Radio. OK, der Text wurde angepasst, aber ich habe nicht verstanden, ob der Reim auf "Bettwäsch vun Prinz Charles und Camilaha" nun wunder- oder sonderbar lautete.

Die Musik hingegen ist eine echte Katastrophe, was haben die nur aus Majors Original gemacht? Irgendwie hatte ich zuhause sofort das Bedürfnis, das Original zu hõren - nur um festzustellen, dass ich "für uszeschnigge" zwar gleich zweimal, aber keinen funktionstüchtigen Plattenspieler mehr besitze.

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After somebody tried to break into my server using one of the more recent security leaks in a Linux installation I thought it would be time to update vmgump.apache.org as well. I've done remote system updates with and without reboots at least a hundred times both at work as well as with my own servers. I never had any problems, but I always knew whom to call if anything bad should happen.

This time I didn't have a phone number and driving to the colo wasn't an option either. I had this "will this go well?" feeling when I typed "shutdown -r now" but still proceeded. Guess what, the machine hasn't come back to live yet.

I've broken Gump builds by breaking the Ant bootstrap process before, but at least I could fix it myself. This time I can only wait for somebody with proper karma to help out. I guess I'll stay away from sysadmin stuff in the future.

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