I wouldn't be surprised if it is going to spread extremely fast in Germany

From: Info@rtl.de Subject: RTL: DSDS Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar (DSDS) auf RTL. Hallo, Du wurdest zufällig von ca. 85.000 E-Mail Adressen ausgewählt, um bei RTL DSDS in der Zuschauer Jury mit zu Voten. ...

RTL is one of Germany's largest television companies (leading in market share during the last months). DSDS is "Deutschland sucht den Superstar", the German version of "Star Search", which has been the most successful TV show in the last year (don't ask why). And the email tells me I could become part of an online jury. Oh, and it contains a Windows executable with the extension .bat.

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The FSF has spoken:

This is a free software license but it is incompatible with the GPL. The Apache Software License is incompatible with the GPL because it has a specific requirement that is not in the GPL: it has certain patent termination cases that the GPL does not require. (We don't think those patent termination cases are inherently a bad idea, but nonetheless they are incompatible with the GNU GPL.)
via Elliotte Rusty Harold's post to generalATxml.apache.org.

Note that the Apache Software Foundation says the Apache License doesn't prevent you from distributing a combined (derivative) GPL/Apache License work under the GPL. Ken quotes Roy Fielding on this.

So what does that mean for you, if you want to use code I've written and that is licensed using the Apache License 2.0 - say some part of the Ant-Contrib tasks?

Since I agree with the ASF's assertion, I say you may take and redistribute it under the terms of the GPL if you feel so inclined. You are explicitly allowed to do so by (one of) the copyright holder(s) of the code, I don't see much point in saying the licenses would be incompatible.

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A while ago I added XOM to Gump because Jaxen needed it. This weekend Elliotte Rusty Harold asked us to send nag mails if XOM fails to build. I consider this a small success story for Gump.

Maybe I should submit it to the Gump group blog provided by Nick Chalko.

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The service hosting this blog has moved to a different server infrastructure over the last weekend. Many thanks to Dirk and Axel who made this possible and did all the hard work.

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Actually it has been released last Thursday so this is old news. The release really is a pure bugfix release with two exceptions:

  1. We've changed our license to the 2.0 version of the Apache License

    In the Ant announcement on Cafe au Lait Elliotte Rusty Harold says

    It is also published under the new Apache 2.0 license, which may or may not be GPL compatible. (The Apache Software Foundation is telling me one thing, and the Free Software Foundation is telling me the opposite. We'll just have to wait and see how this plays out.)
    AFAIU the Apache Software Foundation says that you can take code licensed under the Apache License and redistribute it under the GPL. So from the ASF point of view it is compatible.

  2. We've added some initial support for Java 1.5. At least you can now use source="1.5" on to compile generics and all that.

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When I came to the office this morning I found a mail by Daniel Rall telling us that Martin Pöschl has died.

Martin and I met with a bunch of other Apache developers during last years CeBIT and I really enjoyed the time with him. We kept some loose contact after that and were looking forward to meet again this year.

I cannot add much to Daniel's words. My wishes and prayers are with you, Martin.

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Thanks to the Python coding by Adam Jack and infrastructure provided by Leo Simons and Scott Sanders, Gump is not only building stuff at night but also telling people that their projects fail to build.

First results are visible, Craig wants to have his name removed from the nag mails and some members of the Mockobjects team want us to stop telling them that their code doesn't compile ;-)

More seriously, Scott has made Jaxen compile in Gump and brought us a big step forward, Mockobjects has been built successfully last night and Bill Barker is working on getting Tomcat built again - so there are visible improvements already.

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