Even though I'm quite happy with blogger.de I consider buying a domain and getting a "real host" of my own. The main reason is that I want to get control over a mail-server of my own rather than a web-server. I want to get rid of spam and virus mails before I download them.

Probably my needs will grow with the new possibilities so I'll need administrative access to the machine (SSH, of course). On the other hand I do not want to be responsible for the core OS myself. Sounds as if a "managed root-server" or just a virtual machine (like a Solaris zone or a FreeBSD jail) would be fine. Disk-space requirements are low, but the bandwidth should keep up with new waves of virus mails - something like a few-thousand mails of 10 to 100k each count up quickly.

If you can recommend somebody - preferably in Germany, but any hoster who can deal with German banks and doesn't insist on a credit-card would work - please drop me a mail.

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