I spent large chunks of July and August working on Zip64 support for the ZIP package of Commons Compress and think it is in a state where we can have more people test it. It needs some interop tests against PKZip (dont have access to it myself) and I may need to document the known interop problems with OpenJDK7, but that's it.

As a side effect of the Zip64 stuff (which enables Compress to deal with archives and entries > 4GB or with more than 64K entries) Commons Compress 1.3 will require Java5 as I thought we'd need Deflater#getBytesRead but it turned out this method does not return the actual number of bytes read but the number modulo 2^32 (it seems to be an unsigned int that's wrapping around) - at least for Java5 and 6, OpenJDK7 seems to be OK.

Given that Java5 was not strictly necessary I may even think about backporting the stuff to Ant's zip package.

Then Compress' trunk contains read-only support for the Unix dump format due to Bear Giles and support for Pack200 compression. It may even get support for XZ compression based on XZ for Java due to Lasse Collin - if we can find an easy way to integrate it.

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