I didn't feel like blogging about the individual sessions. Most of the sessions I visited have really been worth it, even though I didn't feel I really learned something new - maybe I shouldn't have picked the topics I already knew 8-). All three keynotes have been great.

The hackathon was fun, even though Jan and I didn't manage to do half of what we intended to do.

The greatest part was meeting people. When I was to my last ApacheCon (London 2000) almost nobody would recognize my name and I was running around trying to meet some people. This time I heard "the name rings a bell" quite a lot. In part this is probably due to Planet Apache and Gump's nag mails may have played a bigger role as well.

Speaking of Gump. I managed to talk Danny Angus into modifying the James Server build file so that Gump could use it. Leo managed to draw Spamassassin's Malte Stretz into his Gump session and Malte is really interested in having Gump build Spamassassin. Upayavira and I discussed some potential solutions for Cocoon's Gump descriptor (which is also needed during Cocoon's build process) and I hope we get this resolved in the next few days.

Ken and others have already described the neat setup of the key signing party. After I arrived home, I have now signed all keys (including those of the people who gave me their fingerprints outside of the key signing event) and uploaded all of them to pgpkeys.mit.edu - don't expect an additional mail about that.

All in all it was fun and I hope to be there next year, wherever it is going to be.

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