The small Ant library I have talked about before has undergone some changes and it has been polished up a little.

The <dotnetexec> task now works well on Linux if I place the assemblies somewhere arbitrary into my PATH, <nant> works like a charm, in particular this here

<ant:project xmlns:ant=""
      <echo message="This is NAnt"/>

results in

Buildfile: /tmp/nant.xml
     [nant] NAnt version 0.8.4 Copyright (C) 2001-2003 Gerry Shaw

     [nant] Buildfile: file://tmp/build2001946168.xml
     [nant]      [echo] This is NAnt


     [nant] Total time: 0.1 seconds.


which means, I've just run NAnt's <echo> task from within an Ant build file using Mono 0.28 on Linux. All that is required to do so is NAnt.exe in my PATH and dotnet.jar in my CLASSPATH (and a freshly bootstrapped CVS version of Ant).

The docs are online as well.

path: /en/Apache/Ant/dotnet | #