Ant releases have become more frequent than my blog posts by now, oh my. I won't promise anything.

While most of the world was on vacation Antoine (again) put together a new relase of Apache Ant and announced 1.8.2 late December. As usual a full list of fixed issues can be found in Bugzilla. This time it not only contains bug fixes (quite a few of them, though) but also some new features like improved support for Apache Harmony, gcj and OpenJDK7 (where javac likes to break command line backwards compatibility again).

The issues that came up most frequently and have been fixed are "xslt no longer uses the specified classpath" and "propertyfile with prefix doesn't work as expected" IIRC.

We've added a new collection so that the order of files inside <copy> has become predictable. Detecting Ant 1.8.2 means either

  <antversion property="Ant-1.8.2-or-later"


  <available property="Ant-1.8.2-or-later"

path: /en/Apache/Ant | #