Antoine Levy-Lambert has recently built the first release candidate for Ant 1.8.0 and called for a vote, so we should be close to the first Ant release since eighteen months. This release mostly brings enhancements and bug fixes to many tasks and types (this is the real strength of Ant IMHO) but there also are a few core changes, the full list is here.

My personal top five changes (I know there are six items, but the first one doesn't count ;-):

extension-point and some changes in import and its new cousin include have been inspired by Easyant which can now use an un-patched version of Ant together with a custom ProjectHelper to create a build system quite different from Ant's original ideas. ProjectHelper is the mechanism that allowed me to sketch JavaFront or Nicolas Lalevée to write GroovyFront which lets you write build files in Groovy.

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