Disclaimer: this is not a "real" Gump build, we are cheating. Still: http://vmgump.apache.org/gump/public/jakarta-bcel/bcel/gump_work/build_jakarta-bcel_bcel.html.

What we do right now is we simply let Maven2 do what it wants to, i.e. it will download stuff and it will be allowed to build against whatever it has pulled down. This is why it is not a "real" Gump build, it really just is a nightly build that doesn't integrate with anything.

The reason it has been enabled that way is that we are now at least able to build projects like BCEL. BCEL doesn't get integrated with the latest regexp, but at least those projects that depend on BCEL can build against the latest code instead of a packaged version. So while we don't provide continuous integration for Maven2 builds now, we provide it for projects that happen to depend on such projects.

I plan to enable it gradually for projects that other (Maven1 or Ant built) projects depend on, while I don't intend to add Maven2 builds for leaf projects. Nightly builds for them can be provided in a better way outside of Gump IMHO.

This doesn't mean we've given up on doing full integration builds with Maven2, it is simply taking longer than is healthy for the Gump project tree as a whole.

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