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I've just made Ant's <javac> task handle the new default value of -source since so many projects fail to specify the source attribute while they do set the target attribute.

Instead of a build failure with

javac: target release 1.1 conflicts with default source release 1.5

as only message, you'll now get

    [javac]           WARNING

    [javac] The -source switch defaults to 1.5 in JDK 1.5.
    [javac] If you specify -target 1.1 you now must also specify -source 1.2.
    [javac] Ant will implicitly add -source 1.2 for you.  Please change your build file.

and your build may pass - or not.

The effect can be seen in Gump's Xalan build which finally passes.

If my fellow Ant committers don't disagree with me, this is going to be part of Ant 1.6.3.

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