Apache Gump is the ASF's large scale integration project which currently builds a whole bunch of Open Source Java projects from source over and over again.

Apart from its regular runs performed on JDK 1.4 we also have experimental runs on Kaffe (more on that sometime later) and JDK 1.5. The results can be seen here. In short, they are a desaster since almost no project builds without special tweaks to either code or the build files.

Here are the most common traps:

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Since I get a lot of Google traffic by people looking for information on MSBuild, I should point to the new MSBuild homepage at Channel 9 as well as the Wiki (RSS 2.0 feed). Via Jomo Fisher.

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It's that time of the year again. All over Germany kids are making lanterns and (re-)learn the songs of the season. Mine are no exception.

This year's lantern form of choice involves balloons, colored transparent paper and paste, lots of paste. This here comes close, but my kids use smaller snippets of paper, several different colors and probably more paste. I'm not sure what they enjoy more - the sticky fingers or the part of the build process that involves a needle and ends with a bang.

We are booked for at least three if not five lantern parades over the next few weeks, so cold feet and wet noses are to be expected.

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I've updated the jar file containing my Antlib of tasks that may be useful for people developing .NET applications with Ant. There is no new functionality, the old jar was missing a class that made it unusable with Ant 1.6.2.

Many thanks to Doug Case for letting me know.

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The MSBuild team is looking for a software developer experienced in build technologies and practicing an agile development style (via Chris Flaat).

Maybe one of my two readers qualifies for the job and even is interested.

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Sebastian Bergman who ported JUnit to PHP points to a few other ports and in his comments there are even more links. Funny to see so many Apache Java projects in the list - including Torque, Struts and Cocoon.

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Steve points to Phing. Ant rewritten in PHP.

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Matt needs a way to detect Ant 1.6.2 at runtime. Since we only added XML namespace aware DynamicConfigurators in 1.6.2 this here

  <available property="Ant-1.6.2-or-later"

should do.

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