When I "took over" XMLUnit development my hope was to evolve the .NET and Java versions side by side, but as usual I overestimated the time I have available and underestimated the effort it would take. As a result the Java version is now even more ahead of the .NET version than it was eighteen months ago.

Lately I needed to perform a bunch of XPath assertions in the unit tests of a .NET project and this was the first time I actually used XMLUnit.NET. We are using NUnit 2.4 and I quickly learned that the latest released XMLUnit.NET wouldn't work. Fortunately all it took was to recompile XMLUnit.

Since I've been asked for a XMLUnit version that worked with more modern versions of NUnit a few times, just grabbing the source and recompiling doesn't seem to be something people want to do.

Without further ado, here is that recompiled version. Please use the checksums and PGP signature from http://xmlunit.sourceforge.net/checksums/ to verify the integrity of the archive you've just downloaded.

XMLUnit.NET 0.3.1 is a version of XMLUnit.NET that has been compiled against NUnit 2.4 and should work on any modern version of Mono as well as all Microsoft .NET frameworks (only tested on 1.1 and above, though).

Apart from being compiled against a more modern version of NUnit, only a few deprecation warnings have been fixed when compared to XMLUnit.NET 0.3. No features have been added, no bugs have been fixed (there haven't been any bug reports anyway). Unfortunately no documentation has been added, either.

If you want to help improving XMLUnit (any platform version), your input is more than welcome. Please come over to the mailing list and raise your hand.

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