Similar to Brian I'm writing this so I have a place I can link to when people assume I'd be sending virus mails to them. Go and read Brian's article for the longer version of

Almost all recent worms and viruses fake the from address. If you receive a worm sent from any of my addresses, you can be absolutely sure that I haven't sent it.

Due to server-side filtering (big kudos to the people responsible for the mail infrastructure) I'm getting far less Mydoom worms now. I still keep getting bounces, which certainly is annoying. Being the moderator for a couple of mailing lists doesn't help either.

I've noticed that those viruses are causing problems to statistical spam detectors, mails without a virus get a higher probability of being ham now. So far I've been filtering out all mails with "bad" attachments (I don't have any use for .exe or .scr files) before ifile sees them, but I cannot remove all "zip" attachments.

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