Mono installation fest today. I installed Mono 0.31 on Linux as well as my iBook running MacOS X. My usual test is building NAnt and running the test suite of Ant's .NET tasks. As always things went smooth on Linux.

I didn't have any compilation trouble on OS X this time, but the JIT is still rather wacky. Whenever I try to build NAnt, I get greeted by a core dump or mono hangs - this time it hangs after an unhandled NullReferenceException (could be NAnt's fault).

So I tried Ant's .NET task tests and for the first time ever, mono - the JIT - worked for a simplistic "Hello world" like example. I'm happy.

It looks as if the .NET antlib is in a usable state right now and I consider putting together some kind of official release so it gets a bit more testing. I may even use it to push for an Ant subproject dedicated to Ant task libraries.

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