The GWT Tasks stuff made me work through some very old TODO items that have seriously been sitting in my inbox unanswered far too long.

More than three years ago I wrote an Ant task to be used inside NAnt or MSBuild build files and apparently some people actually use it. About a year ago Martin Harper told me that only lower case Ant properties worked but I never got around looking into it.

It turned out that I foolishly used used System.Collections.Specialized.StringDictionary to store the properties, which is not case sensitive. While I was at at it, I moved the whole class up to .NET 2.0 using generics and provided a Visual Studio solution.

Here is a new drop of source code as well as a pre-compiled DLL containing the task. The DLL has been compiled against NAnt 0.8.5 using VS 2008 - if you need any other combination (or a version not compiled against NAnt), please grab the source ZIP and compile it yourself.

The source is also available from a darcs repository:

darcs get

path: /en/dotNet | #