I've applied Andrew Choi's patches and now I have two XEmacsen (21.5.18) running on my iBook, the "original" X version and a Carbon version.

They seem to perform roughly the same, with the X version using a little bit less of memory. I personally prefer the tool-bar icons of the X version and for some reason the Carbon version starts with a dark background by default.

So far I couldn't find a place where the Carbon XEmacs would integrate better with native Mac stuff than the X version: copy-paste works the same in both, drag-n-drop (which I don't need) doesn't work in either, the Fonts menu under Options is empty in both. Of course I can have Carbon XEmacs in my dock more easily.

Running Gnus I notice the first real differences, buttonizing of URLs or attachment placeholders doesn't seem to work in Carbon XEmacs, which is rather annoying.

And then I tried to write some code and compile it. Soon I get reminded of my ~/.Xmodmap or better why I have one. I still haven't found a way to disable dead-keys for Cocoa or Carbon apps - having to press space after C-x ` is annoying. Carbon XEmacs doesn't seem to recognize my German keyboard layout, which makes things worse.

For now I'm going to stick with the X version of XEmacs.

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