XMLUnit for Java 1.6 is mostly a bugfix release adressing four issues:

Note the first two changes may be breaking backwards compatibility in rare cases.

Source and binary distributions are available from SourceForge's File Service, the checksums and PGP signatures can be found here


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Reposting what I just sent to the xmlunit-general list for wider feedback, don't hesitate dropping me a mail if you want to stop me.

Hi all

if you are following the commits, you may have seen I've started to work
on XMLUnit 2.x again, nothing big, but I'm trying to get it done this

Apart from re-thinking the abstractions used in the difference engine
the biggest piece missing for a release - even a beta - is
documentation.  Here I realized more and more that I really do not feel
like writing a big docbook document again, I need someting more
ligthweight with more immediate feedback.  A wiki would be fine, but
we've also always had a PDF version and I'd like to keep it that way.

Also I realized I prefer git over subversion by now, so I'd like to move
2.x to git.  I know I could do so on Sourceforge, but right now I feel
it would be best to move active development over to github.  A quick
search showed several forks over there, so we may be able to reconnect
and make this a community effort rather than mostly a one-man-show.

Here is what I intend to do, please let me know if anything looks
completely wrong:

* create an xmlunit organization at github
* create three repositories (for now)
  * XMLUnit Java 2.x - including the matchers and xmlunit-legacy
  * XMLUnit .NET 2.x - including constraints
  * a pure Wiki repository for the user guide.  github markdown works
    well enough for me and pandoc can create PDF or even epub from it
    (thanks to Stefan Tilkov for pointing me at it)
* start using github's issue tracker
* create a github.io site for XMLUnit 2.x
* keep using Sourceforge for XMLUnit 1.x
  * move XMLUnit 1.x back to svn trunk and keep it at sourceforge
  * keep using sourceforge's issue tracker for 1.x
  * keep the xmlunit.sf.net site for 1.x
* keep using the xmlunit-general@lists.sourceforge as primary
  communication medium for all versions
* keep the sourceforge forums even though I never liked them (or any web

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