My "msbuild" search feed today made me discover Waaargh.NET by Stéphane Tombeur that holds some interesting posts. In particular I liked the Creating custom MSBuild tasks and CruiseControl.NET and MSBuild posts.

The first one explains how to write an MSBuild task by converting a NAnt task - which turns out to be mostly a matter of six simple steps. I assume that it would get more complex for more elaborated tasks, but this really looks rather straight forward.

The second one comes with an MSBuilder based on NAntBuilder that can be used to drop into CruiseControl.NET and you are done. Nice work, I hope it finds its way into

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Mitch Denny has a little history lesson on MSBuild (via Jomo Fisher).

I certainly have to disagree with

Over the years, as Ant got more popular the beautiful target/depedency model got poluted by stinking proceduralists
I doubt that MSBuild is less procedural than a proper Ant build file, but that's just me.

The very idea of items in MSBuild - tasks, targets and even projects declaring their inputs and outputs, which would allow pipes of tasks or projects to depend of the outputs of other projects - still has a lot of appeal to me.

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at least not that I knew of it.

A puzzled email told me that a Microsoft page lists me as an MSBuild blogger. I don't think I deserve that label.

Sure, I'm quite interested in MSBuild since I'm interested in build tools in general. And MSBuild looks both interesting and, errm, familiar to somebody who's been working on Ant for a few years now. But I haven't ever used MSBuild myself. I don't know whether it even runs on Mono, but I'd certainly be willing to give it a try.

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Since I get a lot of Google traffic by people looking for information on MSBuild, I should point to the new MSBuild homepage at Channel 9 as well as the Wiki (RSS 2.0 feed). Via Jomo Fisher.

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The MSBuild team is looking for a software developer experienced in build technologies and practicing an agile development style (via Chris Flaat).

Maybe one of my two readers qualifies for the job and even is interested.

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