These two releases contain an incompatible change to the (I)PlaceholderHandler interface, thus the new minor versions. The Evaluate method now receives a variable number of string arguments in addition to the textual content of the element/attribute. This allows placeholders like ${xmlunit.matchesRegex(some\s*regex)}.

For XMLUnit.NET only the placeholders package has changed, for Java in addition the assertj module is now supposed to be compatible with AssertJ 3.15+.

Release Notes for XMLUnit for Java 2.7.0:

Release Notes for XMLUnit.NET 2.8.0:

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Both releases fix a common bug where the XPath reported for missing nodes could be wrong in certain edge cases.

This is the only change in XMLUnit.NET. In XMLUnit for Java the AssertJ module has also been improved and is supposed to be compatible with AssertJ 3.13+ now.

The full list of changes for XMLUnit for Java:

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The release fixes a bug in a corner-case and adds a new isNumber placeholder.

The full list of changes:

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Two of my colleagues at INNOQ are starting a Go user group for the Rhein-Ruhr area of Germany. The kick off with an introduction to the Go language will be on Monday May the 20th at the Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf.

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Over the past 15 months or so I've enjoyed mentoring Apache PLC4X while it was incubating at the ASF. This has been an easy task and I'm really happy to see how the community has developer over time. The time has come and PLC4X has graduated - see the official announcement.

PLC4X provides a common access model for interacting with programmable logic controllers bridging an ever growing number of (propriatory) protocols. While it all started in Java land, support for other platforms and languages is on the way.

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