Sebastian Bergman who ported JUnit to PHP points to a few other ports and in his comments there are even more links. Funny to see so many Apache Java projects in the list - including Torque, Struts and Cocoon.

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People who know me know that I hate GUI programming. And if I'm forced to do so I'll avoid doing more than necessary. But Ken Arnold's Napkin Look & Feel (discovered via Cafe au Lait) could make me implement pluggable LAFs in my next Swing apps just to be able to use it in presentations.

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has been released a while ago. It is an alpha release, even though the files you get via the download page are named j2sdk-1_5_0-beta-*.

It is currently provided without documentation.
which makes it kind of useless for the stuff I intended to do - namely making sure that Ant works well with it and maybe make it use some of the new features.

The first thing I've noticed is a warning

javac: source release 1.4 requires target release 1.4
when trying to bootstrap Ant.

Ant's build file does not set the -source argument at all, so it is supposed to default to 1.3 (in JDK 1.4 it does) - apparently JDK 1.5's javac defaults to -source 1.4 as it also compiles to -target 1.4 even though Ant explicitly requests -target 1.1. Without docs I can only assume that this is a bug in the JDK and won't change Ant at this point - in particular since the warning goes away when I explicitly set -source 1.3 but -target 1.1 still gets ignored.

Ant's own test suite passes, Ant recognizes 1.5 and treats it as JDK 1.4, not much more we can do for now.

Comparing the command line help output it seems javac has now a built-in lint, that looks interesting and should be supported by Ant directly:

  -Xlint                     Enable recommended warnings
          -serial,-finally}Enable or disable specific warnings

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