This is what I sent out five years ago:

Subject:    [ANNOUNCE] Ant 1.1 released
From:       Stefan Bodewig 
Date:       2000-07-19 9:06:07

The first "official" release of Ant can be found at 
<>. Both binary and
source archives are available.

This is the first stand-alone release of Ant, several older versions
have been included with Tomcat builds and been referred to as Ant
"1.0.8" by some people. Therefore the release number has been chosen
to be 1.1 instead of 1.0.

Ant 1.1 can probably not be built with an older version of Ant, please
use the bootstrap script to build it from the source release. 

The binary release doesn't contain the optional tasks - compiled
versions of those are distributed in a separate file: optional.jar.

Build files written for older versions of Ant are expected to work but
could generate deprecation warnings. Future versions of Ant may remove
these deprecated features.

Many thanks to all the people who have contributed to Ant.

And this is how it happend.

Subject:    Almost ANNOUNCE: Ant Release 1.1
From:       Stefan Bodewig 
Date:       2000-07-18 8:45:37


I've put together what I think is release 1.1 of Ant, see 

Subject:    Re: Almost ANNOUNCE: Ant Release 1.1
From:       rubys () us ! ibm ! com
Date:       2000-07-18 9:17:08

Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> I've put together what I think is release 1.1 of Ant, see
> <>.

Very cool.  I think we just found ourselves another release manager.  ;-)

Luckily Conor took over for Ant 1.2 and things became more organized.

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